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9 czerwca 2017 r., godz. 13


Lucie Mazalová

  • “Oportet, quod Auca alas moveat contra alas Vehemot…”
    The development of Jan Hus´s criticism of the Antichrist


In my paper, I will present the points that are most important in the development of Hus´s criticism of the Antichrist. The basis of my outcomes will be the study of the works which Hus wrote or sermonized during various periods of his professional and personal life. Moreover, Hus addressed these works to different audiences (I will compare especially correspondence, preaching “ad populum” or “ad clerum”, and the commentary on Lombardus´s IV libri Sententiarum). Neither the most important connections of Hus´s works, nor his personal experience during the relevant periods could have been omitted. The comparison of this very rich material will be the source for the explanation of the content and the rhetoric of Hus´s criticism and of its progress.


Dr Lucie Mazalová (Masaryk University, Brno)

I hold a Master´s degree in Philosophy and Medieval Latin language and literature. In 2012, I earned a Ph.D. in Medieval Latin. I work at the Faculty of Arts (teaching of the Medieval Latin, Medieval Latin literature, and Medieval eschatology) and at the Masaryk University´s Language Centre. My scientific interest is connected especially to the Bohemian Reformation. There are two topics which I follow: 1) eschatology in the early Bohemian Reformation (individual research), 2) editing of the medieval manuscripts which contain works of Jan Hus (the project Magistri Iohannis Hus opera omnia, so-called „MIHOO”, which partially continues as the collective project at Ústav klasických studií (Department of Classical Studies).


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