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15 listopada 2019 r., godz. 13


Michael T. Lo Piano

  • From Center to Periphery: The Origins and Maturation of Renaissance Humanism in East
    Central Europe


The reception, engendering, and production of the studia humanitatis and its accompanying modes of thought culturally bonded East Central Europe to the greater European cultural orbit in an interfluous manner thitherto separate in nature. With the cultural, social, and intellectual articulations of the Renaissance and humanism, East Central Europe became an expansion of the fertile and accessible staging ground of cultural, social, and intellectual trial which birthed the refined forms of many of the ideas and institutions which the world has used in recent decades to achieve its unprecedented levels of economic and experiential prosperity. As yet, however, in most major narratives of the Renaissance and of Humanism, the region is often excluded and not subject to the same examination as the rest of the European cultural sphere. This presentation will discuss current scholarship on Renaissance Humanism, its current problems at large and in the case of East Central Europe while making a case for the proposed methods of investigation currently being attempted in the presenter’s dissertation.


Michael Lo Piano (M. Phil M.A.) is currently a 5th year PhD candidate in History and Renaissance Studies at Yale University. He is currently based in Kraków at the PAN Instytut Języka Polskiego on a Fulbright grant to conduct his dissertation research on Renaissance Humanism in Central Europe. Michael’s research interests generally concern European intellectual history, the history of the book, European Neo-Latin culture, and the development of pre- and Early Modern societies.


Instytut Języka Polskiego PAN

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