Digital humanities lunch

Continuing the medieval tradition of eating while listening to a learned person reading and interpreting learned texts, we are inviting all those interested in the humanitates digitales to join us for lunch on Fridays at IJP PAN for the following talks. The atmosphere will be informal, please bring your lunch or join us in ordering nudles from a nearby pasta bar.

where and when:

on Fridays, at 1 pm, in the conference room at IJP PAN, al. Mickiewicza 31 in Kraków; or online here:

The meetings are funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, from the financial resources for promoting education.


Meetings in 2017/2018:

25.05.2018  Daria Glebova (University of Iceland): Íslendingasögur, Anonymity, and Stylo: A Case of Bjarnar saga Hítdælakappa.

18.05.2018  Laura Hernández Lorenzo (Universidad de Sevilla): Applying Stylometry to Golden Age Spanish Poetry. Authorship problems in Fernando de Herrera’s Poetic Works.

20.04.2018  Agata Rodziewicz and Anna Niedzielska(SWPS): Eye tracking research on the reading process.

16.03.2018  Małgorzata Niziołek (UP): Lexical and syntactic matrix of a crime novel – a scene of a crime.

9.03.2018  Magdalena Derwojedowa (UW): Paragraphs and excerpts, or: 1830-1918 micro-corpus.

9.02.2018  Petr Plecháč (Charles University in Prague): Stylometry and Versification.

15.12.2017  Naomi Fraser (CLLC University of Newcastle): The problem of style in science fiction and fantasy.

8.12.2017  Marek Słoń (IH PAN): Transliteration, transcription, normalization and identification. On digital indexing of manuscripts.

24.11.2017  Katrien Depuydt (/instituut voor de Nederlandse taal/): DiaMaNT, a diachronic semantic lexicon of Dutch. From historical dictionary to computational lexicon.

17.11.2017  #eLexicography: Mini-conference on digitising and integrating lexical resources.

10.11.2017  Łukasz Cybulski (IBL PAN): Perspectives and limitations of digital editing, or once again about the future.

27.10.2017  Wojciech Kosior (UJ): Elyonim veTachtonim – an electronic database of angels, demons and ghosts in early rabbinical literature. Practical and non-practical applications of the project.

13.10.2017  Piotr Żmigrodzki (IJP PAN): Some technical aspects of the work on The Great Dictionary of the Polish Language

Bon appétit!

Pracownia Metodologiczna IJP PAN

Rafał Górski, Maciej Eder, Magda Król, Joanna Byszuk, Jan Winkowski, Michał Woźniak, Piotr Rybka, Magda Król

in cooperation with Towarzystwo Miłośników Języka Polskiego