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If you come with the flight from Warsaw, you will get at domestic terminal T 1. There is a shuttle bus that will take you to the train station or simply to the terminal T 2, but you can also walk for 5 minutes to get there on your own:

If you come to Kraków with an international flight, you will be arriving at the terminal T1, level 0. You can find its plan here (level 0 = “poziom 0”).


At the airport you can find currency exchange bureau and cash machines (Polish word “bankomat” on the plan)  as well. Please verify the current exchange rates in advance.

How to get to the hotel?

From the airport


In order to find airport train station (one should say rather a train stop) you should walk some 400 m from the international terminal (it does not take more than 5 minutes to get there). You can also get into the airport shuttle bus which is situated in the very front of the terminal:

See Krakow Airport on larger map

The timetables can be consulted here:

Tickets can be purchased in the ticket machine at the airport or directly in the train from the controller:

  • one-way ticket – 12 PLN
  • return ticket – 20 PLN (valid for 30 days)

With the train you arrive at the Kraków main station. For instructions on how to get from theirto your hotel, please look an appropriate section.


There are 2 lines which go to the city centre: 208 and 292, however, it is 292 which will get you near the hotel. The travel takes ca. 30 minutes, but the precise time depends on the traffic.

The timetables can be consulted here:

  • 292 (look at the “Dzien powszedni” [= work day] column)
  • 208 (look at the “Dzien powszedni” [= work day] column)

You can also conveniently view the timetables on the searchable plan at (airport stop is “Krakow Airport T1”, arrival stop is “AGH”).

The bus stop is situated some 50 meters on the right from the international terminal building:


Bus tickets can be bought from the ticket machines located at the bus stop and (usually) in the bus itself. The up-to-date price is 4 PLN: you will need “Strefa I+II Aglomeracja (= Zone 1+2) jednoprzejazdowy (= one journey) normalny (= standard rate)” ticket.

It should not, however, be confused with Airport Shuttle in the very front of the building. This in turn takes you to the train station.

If one wants to get to the hotel “Logos”, one should get off the bus at the stop called AGH (which is abbreviated form for Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza):


See AGH to Hotel Logos on larger map


There is an official taxi company associated with airport. Taxis are parked in the very front of the international and the domestic terminal as well and are branded. If you wish, you can even order it in advance on-line:

The travel from the airport to the hotel should be covered by “Zone 3” and cost 69 PLN. Usually taxi drivers give you the exact sum that you will be pay in advance. Do not hesitate to demand ticket after your travel ends.

Attention! Please do not use taxis which are not branded. It can happen that you will be solicited by some free lancer taxi drivers, but in that case do not hesitate to say no.

From the main train station

Main station is currently under reconstruction, so it takes a while to get know how to exit it. There are, however, numerous tables and indications about how one can get to the city centre or – more precisely – to the tram stop “Dworzec Główny”. From there you can go on any bus or tramway going to “Teatr Bagatela”. These are eg. 2, 4, 14, 24 (tramways), 124, 152 buses. From “Teatr Bagatela” it takes 5 minutes to arrive to your hotel.

See From Train Station to the Hotel on larger map

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